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Skilled Butcher We are looking for ambitious and enthusiastic candidates to join our team at Treburley. We are recruiting experienced butchers for our trim and bone line. Join us for a skills test to see what salary can be achieved. Bonus payments available for knife skilled positions. Very attractive working hours Monday – Friday 5.45am – 2.15pm Spread the word
Job Description We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated candidates to join our dedicated butchery scheme. No skills or previous experience are required as we aim to teach you a trade that you can keep for life. Our experienced butchery trainer will provide you with one to one mentoring and you will learn both quality and pace during the 12-week
Packing Operative:   We are looking for packers to join our existing team on a shift pattern of Mon – Fri, 6am – 2.30pm. Candidates need to be physically fit, enthusiastic and flexible to work in our fast paced and dynamic environment. You must be able to travel to and from this job. You will be responsible for the packing,

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