Are you unemployed and need help with applications?

Are you currently unemployed and need a helping hand with your cv and applications?

Are you currently unemployed?
Could you use some help in your job search?

I am happy to announce we have teamed up with Work Routes and if you are eligible for their programme you can get free advice and guidance in all your cv, applications and job search related activity!

They have helped over 700 people across Cornwall & West Devon in to work, They never force you into a job you don’t want to do or before you are ready.  They can spend up to a year building your skills, experience and confidence to ensure that your CV and interview skills are top notch for when you are ready to start applying.

If you have been unemployed for 6 months or more, or have barriers to employment such as a medical condition, a criminal record, are aged 50+, have caring responsibilities or if you lack skills or qualifications then you are likely entitled to assistance from Work Routes, send me a message via the contact us button with a little about your circumstances and I will either contact you or set up a confidential chat about your eligibility and current circumstances with someone from the Work Routes team.


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