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The Staffline Group was established in 1986 and over time has grown into a national organisation specialising in logistics, e-retail, manufacturing, driving, food processing and white collar recruitment. We provide and manage workforces and use training and business improvement techniques to ensure increased levels of efficiency to give our clients a significant commercial advantage.
Our vision is to build and develop the most reliable integrated workforce in the country and be the leading creator of opportunities, jobs and new ideas in the welfare to work sector.
From our network of more than 220 locations, we supply in excess of 41 million hours of temporary labour each year to our diverse portfolio of more than 600 clients, including the major supermarket chains, food growers and manufacturers, logistics and distribution centres, customer service organisations and the care sector.
We are proud to be the only organisation with representation on the three key organisations that shape the future of our industry: the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), Gangmaster Licensing Authority (GLA) and the Association of Labour Providers (ALP). In addition we are a SEDEX registered ethical business and fully compliant with the ETI Base Code.

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