5 Reasons why you should upload your CV to our CV Database

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5 Reasons why you should upload your CV to our CV Database

Kernowjobs website offers the facility to upload your CV to the site in order that recruiters and employers can search for suitable candidates to hire as well as also giving you a much easier way to send your C.V when you see a job entry that you wish to apply for, as your C.V is already uploaded and means it can be much easier to apply for jobs from just about any location.

There are a number of advantages also to having your C.V on our CV Database that I will outline in this article.




The biggest benefit to having your C.V online is that your C.V is so easy to access from just about anywhere, so you could be on the bus, looking on a job site, and could apply in full from your phone, as your C.V is already uploaded to the site. This also makes a handy reference point should you require a look at your C.V on the move, for example on the way to a job interview, to refresh your memory.


Another huge advantage of having your C.V online is that recruiters and employers will have access to the file, meaning that they can actively seek you out on the site if they think you are suitable for a job that they have available. This is the main reason to ensure that your contact details should be kept up to date. Bear in mind that if you have your C.V online and you receive a call from an unknown number, it may be a possible job opportunity.


With our Job Alerts you can tailor search terms so that keywords on your C.V will forward relevant job matches to your inbox, you can choose your preferences based on keywords, locations or categories and when a job appears on the job board with your chosen words then the job will automatically be emailed to you.  Having a C.V online can really take a lot of the stress out of job hunting and saves you time to do other things.


Having your C.V online also means you can tailor your C.V into many different formats so that you can use different versions of your C.V and send over the most relevant version of your C.V to the job you are applying for. This would give you the advantage of ensuring that your C.V will stand out to the recruiter.


You can also upload covering letters or have those stored on many of the sites, which means you are always prepared to apply for the jobs that catch your eye! Again you can ensure that the cover letters are tailored to each particular type of job that you are applying for.

So go ahead and create as many C.V’s as you wish and upload them to the main job sites, and then sit back and see how much easier job hunting can be when your C.V is already accessible to yourself and recruiters.

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